Quantum for Urban Agriculture, Livelihoods and Environmental Sanitation (QUALivES) Limited is a private consultancy firm established with the aim of fostering sustainable urbanization in Malawi, the SADC region and beyond.

The main goal of QUALivES is to initiate the development of urban agriculture through research, entrepreneurship enhancement, design and implementation of interventions towards increased food production, food and income diversification, environmental management and sustainable livelihoods, while holistically monitoring the urbanization process to inform relevant policies in Malawi.

To acheive our business and development goals, QUALivES will endeavor to collaborate with national and international development and consulting partners from government, non-governmental, civil society and individual or groups of farmers through contractual agreements. Since QUALivES has the interests of people and their livelihoods at heart, the we shall also implement interventions on a non-profit making basis in collaboration with public institutions, civil society and community based organizations (CBOs) towards unleashing urban agriculture's potential to enhance food, nutrition and income security as well as social welfare and environmental sanitation in urban and peri-urban areas. QUALivES shall engage a multidisciplinary team of consultants to achieve excellence in the implementation of its activities. Qualifications and experience of its consultants are found on this profile link. The firm can also consult in cross cutting issues relating to technology, policy, food security, agriculture, livelihoods, impact assessment (monitoring and evaluation), natural resources, the environment, climate change and HIV and AIDS.


Please do not hesitate to contact the executive director using details provided in the address section or by writing to qualives1@gmail.com, or call (+265)888724490/1736227


We look forward to working with you for the good of humanity!

Executive Director,


P.O. Box 1825,

Lilongwe, Malawi.


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